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I'd invite you..but im too busy being the best...

Ey there! Im bored!! Im stuck at home cuz of these stupid pills. Anyhoo..the olympics ceremony thinggy is on..its uh...interesting.HAHA Well im jus gonna update in this here journal..the COMMUNITY!
[friday] Evan left for San Diego in the early morning. Hes going with Mike, Chris to Josh's bachelor party. Hes gonna be gone the whole weekend. PARTAY! LOL. Then around 1p I met up with Jenna and Becca at quiznos. We did the lunch thing. And just as we were leaving I jus HAD to make an ass of myself. I went to refill my drink and i forgot to take off the lid..so the soda got everywhere. LOL Everyone was laughing at me. Even the old lady who worked there. I was hella embarrassed. LOL. Then we all decided to go back to Beccas house and kick it. We ended up watching some spellingbee and jerry springer. LOL Good Wholesome Entertainment. LMAO.
[Plans for tomorro] Go to LONGS!! I have been meaning to do that for a week now. And maybe go by the scottish festival with Andrew and his lil brother. Then hopefully kick it wit either jo ((i miss her)), or tara, jonny, chris, gavin, devon, krys. Who knos.
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