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Hey there Hi there Ho there!

Well..im doin the good friend thing and updatin..cuz i care!! LOL

Well Ive officially claimed one of my favorite fags in the whole wide world!!

t_to_tha_ara  !!!!

Uhm..Im trying to avoid packing rite now..seriously its depressing! haha. And Im all stoked to go to Taras house tomorro evening..dunno what for tho..but sounds like awesomely delicious time! LOL

I dyed my hair again!!! I got bored of rockin the brownish tint..so I made it a deep burgandy hue...in the dark its looks dark dark brown..in the lite it looks dark dark burgandy..kinda purple-ish if u will..but its different.

Anyhoo..uhm...Tara have no fear I made ur cd..and Im giving it to u tomorro..So there BIATCH! LOL

Well..Imma go and rumage thru my clothes and pack some nick-knacks..LOL i sound like a old lady!

Until Next Time America...

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